Hawes Side Academy international aims for each pupil to develop a sense of the wider community and appreciation of cultural differences. Developing international links is an important way to do this.


Our pupils have a good understanding of other cultures, fostered through our excellent links with partner schools in Kenya, Gambia, Ghana and China.


Our dedicated staff go to tremendous efforts to ensure there are excellent opportunities to learn about different ways of life. This is enhanced through teacher visits to all these countries through British Council funded grants over the past 4 years and continuing. Linked to such initiatives, pupils exchange letters and engage in collaborative partner project work, which promotes understanding of how people live in different countries and their social and environmental challenges.


Our ‘International Schools’ status has also had a very positive impact on developing pupils’ awareness and curiosity of the philosophy of other countries. Similarly, we promote understanding of our own culture, making links to British Values; in particular, we have worked to embed an understanding of the rich diversity of modern multicultural Britain.


Our Confucius classroom status since September 2016 has served to reinforce and embed our international work and has become part of our innovative and diverse profile. We are proud of our pupils’ achievements in all year groups to communicate ideas, facts and feelings in Mandarin and their knowledge of Chinese culture.



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