Holidays are a time for family and a time for fun together. Over the Easter break why not try out out some of these fun, family orientated activities.


Create a Speggtacular Hawes Side Academy Decorated Egg 

Decorate an egg and send a picture of your finished creation to

We will share pictures of all entries for you to enjoy!


Just for fun The HSA Challenge - We Challenge you! (Thanks to Carleton Green Primary School for the idea) 


Easter activities that can be done with things found around the house

Traditional egg decorating:

Easter Bunny Dance & Freeze:

The Easter Bunny Bop:

Easter Sign Language: (children love doing this)

Greatest Showman Sign Language Song:


If you use pinterest see the links below for lots of great ideas


Easter Sponge Painting:

Easter Egg Bowling:

Rice Krispie Nests:

Easter Egg Threading:

Easter Egg Mini Golf:

Pin the tail on the Easter bunny:

Easter Ramp Races:

Have an egg and spoon race


If you are wanting Easter activities linked to school subjects please see the ideas below:




Acrostic Easter poem template

Create your own story about the current situation (Coronavirus) starting with; Once upon a time ... (Make sure you have an ntroduction, problem and your solution.)

Have a treasure hunt using these completed treasure hunt card clues. (reading activity)

Feeling creative make your own treasure hunt clues using these blank Easter themed treasure hunt clue cards (reading and writing activity)


Science - This is a good website with lots of investigations.  Easter themed include 'Transport an Egg down the Zip Wire’ and there is also design and make a marble run ( but instead of a marble you could use a mini-egg?) - Other Easter themed experiments/ activities.

Life cycle of a chick – Research the life cycle of a chick and present your findings in a creative way e.g. make a model, poster, leaflet etc.

RSPB has lots of home natural ideas

Build a bug mansion the wildlife trust have loads of amazing activities for at home and in the garden too.


Art & Crafts

Design and make an Easter card

Easter symmetry art

Make your own origami Easter Bunny

Paint like Picasso - Picasso inspired Easter bunny. this website just has lots of arts and craft ideas

This is a link to a really nice page with salt dough egg decorations. There is a recipe, instructions, a video and pictures.


Make animals like these using milk bottles. 





How many animals can you make using bottle tops?



2 fun activities each day to do at home over the Easter break. These are provided by Whiterose maths.

Mystery of the Easter Bunny Costume ( Year 4 and above answers are included)


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