Our academy is situated in extensive grounds that provide all manner of learning opportunities for our children.

A pride of Hawes Side Academy has always been the market garden where staff, pupils and volunteers have been known to successfully grow a range of fruit and vegetables from seed.

In the last season alone, children grew beans, tomatoes, peas, sunflowers and some very large pumpkins which have made their way back into the academy for beautiful Halloween displays!

Unfortunately, at the end of the season it became evident that the raised beds used for planting had served their time and had begun to rot.

To prepare the land for next season a plan was drawn and with the offer of some donated supplies the idea for ‘Ground-force day’ was born. In like to the popular TV program a team would be gathered to transform the area in a single day!

All we had to do was to pull together a team of volunteers to turn the plot around.

When the original offer of donated supplies fell through the academy turned to other local businesses for help. Thankfully for the academy, a local company, MKM Building Supplies in Blackpool came to the rescue with a donation of supplies to build the new raised beds.

On Thursday 26th October a small, but well formed, community team came together and rebuilt the plot in a single day, and what a difference a day can make! 

The academy would like to thank D Hayden, D Foxton, P Foxton, L Glynn, H Glynn and J Glynn for all of their efforts, as well as MKM Building Supplies for their support.

We are very excited to begin planting in the new raised beds in the new season.