Pupils and staff have had an exciting week with the unique help of Coram Life Education and ‘Harold the Giraffe’.


Returning to the academy with a brand new format, the Life Education Team introduced their new purpose built tent to the academy to be used as the base to deliver imaginative and stimulating health and well-being education for staff, pupils and even parents.


The Life Education project, which is successful around the country, is focused on improving children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. This is achieved through creating fun, engaging and memorable experiences for the children to take a part in.


Children met Harold the Giraffe (‘Healthy Harold’), and friends. Together they have watched short films about healthy eating, legal and illegal drugs and discussed the effects, the body and how it works, friendships and their influence, and how choices and behaviours can affect children’s health and education outcomes.


Throughout the week all of our pupils have had the opportunity to visit the tent and work with the leaders Steve and Megan who are key to the success of the project. The children have embraced the project fully, one of the year 6 pupils (age 11) commented “It was fun learning in Harold’s Hut.  There was lots of room and it felt cosy.  We learned about making choices and taking responsibility for our decisions”.


Even the youngest pupils in the academy joined in the fun.  A child from the Foundation Stage (age 5) was keen to share what they had learned; “They told us the heart’s job is to pump blood around our body and when we exercise our heart goes faster”.


Miss Lillie, Head of PSHE and organiser of the week, said “We are so excited that the children have been able to participate in a unique opportunity and experience a new approach to their learning”.


In preparation for the week pupils created a special entrance to welcome Harold and his friends and their new home to the academy. And, as the academy was the first to experience the tent, media footage was also filmed by ‘That’s Lancashire’ and shown on their channel and website (www.thats.tv/lancashire/).


About the week, Steve from the Life Education Team said

‘‘It’s been great to trial something new with such a welcoming, forward thinking school with friendly and supportive staff.  The children have behaved enthusiastically and made memories that will last”.


The academy are  looking to forward to continuing this work in the academy with the resources made available through participation in the project and to seeing Harold the Giraffe in the future.


Mr Shepherd, Principal of the academy, said “experiences such as these are a vital part of the children’s education and equip them with important life skills that will serve them in school and beyond”


The week even inspired a budding photographer in the academy – all photographs were taken by a Y5 pupil (age 9)

Life Education November 2018