As part of our Confucius classroom status (in partnership with the Lancaster University) we have a resident team of volunteers from China who work with the academy to teach the language of Mandarin and about Chinese culture.

This week we welcomed over 30 children and adult ‘Waist drummers’ from China for a very special performance to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The waist drum first became popular in north-central China and is traditionally an hourglass in shape played at both ends. Usually the drum is strapped to the waist by colourful silk ribbons and played in front of the abdomen allowing the drummers to dance whist they play. The dances performed at the academy are a part of traditional Chinese folklore, and are commonly seen on various Chinese festive occasions.

The young dancers performed dressed in brightly coloured traditional gowns.  The team entertained our pupils with a variety of traditional and more modern performance during the afternoon which included a more modern rap and singing.

All performances, which were introduced by teachers from China, were a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by the children and staff who had the wonderful opportunity to experience this beautiful part of Chinese culture. 

Our link with Lancaster University and the Confucius project allows our children such wonderful opportunities to experience and develop their knowledge of Chinese culture and inevitably their global awareness. We are very grateful to the drummers for taking the time to visit with us and share their special performances and look forward to more opportunities in the future.