In Year 4 we have started our new computing project. By Easter we will have made our own video footage in school. Today we have been looking at different examples including film stills. We have started to create a checklist of what makes lighting effective and the ideal video background.

We have decided that if we are filming in a large area we need light but can have some small areas of shade. If we are filming in a small space then we need to have very little shade because it can be hard to see the detail of what is happening.

The class has decided also that background needs to be planned carefully because viewers can become distracted if there is something happening in the distance of the film area. We agree that the background should be as clear as possible but not just a white wall, as that is a bit boring and will reflect to much light.

We have enjoyed the start of this new unit of work and have been linking it to our previous topic of light and shadow so we are working cross-curricular.