Class 4H's Wildlife Challenge pack has arrived in school! Mrs Beckett has signed her class up to the 30 Days Wild Challenge. Each day the class will be set a random act of wildness to complete. This links to the habitat work, which we have been focusing on in our recent science topic and also links with our international work with partner schools.

Children from a variety of classes across the school will share their random acts of wildness with a partner school in Kenya and Gambia and ask daily questions or set challenges for our partner schools. 

The object of this challenge is to firstly increase children's awareness and appreciation of nature in their local vicinity but to also allow them to draw comparisons with the wildlife in other countries. Working collaboratively with children in other countries is a fantastic chance that not all schools have the opportunity to do. At Hawes Side Academy we value these partnerships as we believe it helps our pupils to develop valuable life skills and increase their global awareness.

We will share some of our fantastic adventures in the wild with you via the news section on our website, so please keep checking!