Class 5A has completed their first week of 30 days Wild, in support of the Wildlife Trust. They have been getting up to all sorts of adventures!


Monday- we started the week with a calm wildlife walk, appreciating everything we have on our school grounds; especially gardening clubs efforts!


Tuesday- today was all about outdoor zen! We went onto the field and meditated, concentrating on our breathing and listening to natures song.


Wednesday- we got arty today and sat outside, drawing our favourite landscapes! These were what we could see in front of us, images that we have seen and remembered from family trip or even an African savannah!


Thursday- this day challenged out photography skills, as we ventured onto the school grounds, to see if we could snap any shots of birds and mini beasts. The local cat even came out to see what we were up to.


Friday- we ended the week with some up close drawing. The children had a half image of a mini beast, which they had to mirror and colour in, to complete their beautiful creations.


We are already looking forward to next week! Remember... keep it WILD!