Monday- we were tasked to write poems all about our time exploring the wilderness of HSA.

Tuesday- today was so much fun! We scavenged the school garden for odd bits and bobs, to then turn into fantastic wild mobiles! Lots of the class also incorporated rubbish into theirs as unfortunately, we found lots of it!


Wednesday- it was bug hotel building time! All the resources that children had brought in were carefully positioned inside our pallets, where we hope bugs will soon be resting.


Thursday- shoes off, toes into mud! Aahhh, was the most common sound from today's wild antics! The children dove right in, took off their shoes and socks and felt the mum between their toes!


Friday- we finished our final day of wild, with a chilled viewing of some animals, live over webcam. This was a lovely way to see the life of some creatures we don’t see in this country and reflect on the fun we have had, this past month.