Whilst learning all about what is and isn’t healthy for us to eat, we rounded off our learning by making our very own pumpkin soup. Each class spent the morning preparing their afternoon snack by risk taking and persevering by cutting and gutting pumpkins using knives and spoons to scoop and slice. We also diced onions, added herbs and spices and lots and lots of different vegetables. We mixed our bowls ready to be sent to the kitchen to be cooked by our school chef. Our classrooms were stinky!



Everybody in our year group made a line to be fed at the ‘Hawes Side Soup Kitchen’. We all had some bread to dip and a cup full of soup. Everybody enjoyed it that much lots of us had seconds.


Jasmine said, “This is yummy!” and Oliver “really really liked the dippy bread” – we all wanted more!


So, if any of your children ever say no to a vegetable soup you now know they’ve had it before!