As schools are closed down lots of providers are sharing learning resources to help supplement the learning made available by schools.


A few presenters at Instilling Inspiration have teamed up (from home of course) to make a mini daily video with an activity related to one of their school workshop brands each day.


The idea is that, even though they can’t visit the children at school, they can still instil some inspiration with the children at their homes. They want to contribute to helping keep all of the young ones motivated with some nice simple activities they can do with their family throughout this period!


They are aiming to put up a video for one of their brands each day, starting this afternoon as part of an “Inspire at Home” series (a little more exciting than the ‘stay at home’ we keep hearing on the news!).  The videos related to these brands:


  1. Fit4Kids ( – Health and Fitness: Theme: “Doing your Fit
  2. Professor Bubbleworks ( – Science and STEM: Theme “Science Fun in the home
  3. Mindful Minis ( – Mindfulness and Mental Health – “Mindful Minutes at Home
  4. BrainBusters ( – Maths Fun and Puzzles – “Riddle of the Day


They have been wiping the dust off their YouTube channel today and will be kickstarting this afternoon with their first video related to Fit4Kids – simply search “Instilling Inspiration” on YouTube, or click here:  Instilling Inspiration - YouTube Channel


We hope you find this useful, take care and stay safe 


Hawes Side Academy Team