Hello, and welcome to Hawes Side Academy!

Here at Hawes Side Academy, we are proud to support our children to become lifelong learners who are inspired by their education and the real-life application of the knowledge and skills they develop with us.

Our academy is a happy, exciting and inspired learning community, with a team of committed and talented staff and a wide-ranging curriculum of enrichment activities to further enhance our children’s learning.

Our pupils are at the heart of everything we do — and it is our pleasure to be part of their journey to achieve their dreams. We encourage our pupils to be confident and independent learners, and to develop lively and enquiring minds. We want them to be confident in their ability to question, to debate, and to apply themselves to new tasks and challenges with gusto.

Read on to find out more about the fantastic opportunities we have here at Hawes Side Academy.


Our Curriculum

At Hawes Side Academy we strive to provide the highest quality education for all in a caring, supportive, inclusive, and vibrant learning environment. As part of this, we are continually developing our ambitious curriculum, which aims to make learning challenging and thought-provoking in order for everyone to achieve their potential and beyond.

We are developing a curriculum that celebrates our children’s heritage and follows the national curriculum requirements issued by the Department for Education, so that children can be completely immersed in their learning and gaining a well-rounded education across a variety of subjects. Our rich curriculum enables us to provide themed days, educational visits and visitors that really bring our subjects to life — taking full advantage of our local area.

At Hawes Side Academy we have a consistent, highly structured and systematic approach for teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening from Foundation Stage to Year 6. It lays strong foundations in both oracy and literacy with Foundation Stage pupils and goes on to provide systematic teaching throughout the primary years. 

We follow a maths mastery approach for teaching mathematics. Teaching maths for mastery helps pupils to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of mathematics at each stage of their learning. 

For more information about our curriculum, click here.


Our Community

Our parent community is a crucial part of our academy. The role that parents and carers play in their children’s education can be invaluable, and we are continually looking for new ways to extend and develop our partnership.

At Hawes Side Academy, we support our parent community in a number of ways, including:

Newsletters: we make sure to keep parents informed by sending home newsletters, with information about the latest academy  news and key dates for their diaries.

Parent-teacher meetings: our teachers are available at the beginning and end of every academy day (or you can make an appointment if you wish). Our Principal and family support worker will also be available most mornings and afternoons to provide support whenever you need it.

Community events: we are incredibly proud of our amazing community and together we work tirelessly to put on many popular events and fun days at the academy throughout the year


Our International Partners

As well as a focus upon our local culture, at Hawes Side Academy we focus on building connections around the globe. 

Our network of partner academies in Kenya, Gambia, Ghana and China help our pupils gain an understanding of other cultures, including through initiatives such as pupil letter exchanges and collaborative partner project work. 

We are particularly proud of our Confucius classroom status, held since 2016, which has become part of our innovative and diverse profile and allows Hawes Side Academy pupils to communicate ideas, facts and feelings in Mandarin and develop an in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture.


Joining Hawes Side Academy

No two learners arriving at Hawes Side Academy are the same. Pupils  come from different backgrounds, bring different experiences, and have different needs and interests. We believe our pupils  deserve nothing less than to feel valued, happy, secure and ready to achieve outstanding success, regardless of their background.

From the moment your child arrives in our academy, they can be sure of a warm welcome and help and guidance from their teacher as they become part of a new family here at Hawes Side Academy. 

Our next open day takes place on Thursday 6th January 2022. Please send a message to admin@hawes-side.co.uk to let us know you'd like to attend, so we can keep you updated on any changes which may need to take place due to COVID restrictions. 

If you are seeking a place at Hawes Side Academy, all applications are made to, and handled by Blackpool Council. You can apply here.