This week, Foundation Stage have visited the animals at Farmer Parrs.

They have bottle-fed lambs, stroked, and held bunnies and guinea pigs. The children even managed to groom a pony, stroke a bearded dragon and feed a highland cow and even a very shaggy sheep. The highland cow had such a large tongue and it was very slobbery. 


The children learned all about how to care for animals at the farm and what they behave like and eat. Some of the children learned that some chickens eat their own eggs. They also found some blue eggs!   There is even a pot bellied pig who lives at the farm!  This was quite the sight to see. 


As the children walked into the barn, they were met with very loud bleating and mooing from many of the animals. Take a look at Reign and Michael holding their noses. What do you think they could smell as they walked in?